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American Fuel Services is dedicated to providing mobile fleet fueling. High quality fuel delivery, significantly reduces your labor costs by eliminating the time wasted by your drivers going to traditional fueling stations. 24/7 Services available under any circumstances, even in a major catastrophe.


How we Work

American Fuel Services How we work
Fuel management control system

Everyone of our American Fuel Services trucks has a computer that controls the fueling operations. We identify the assets with our customized barcode. Our technicians use the latest technology. They scan the barcode and the information is sent to the customer and dispatcher in real time.

electronics METERS

The meter on each pump is electronic and does not allow the operator to change the readings. This makes our system very reliable.

Instant report delivery

The delivery receipt contains your vehicles identified with your inventory number, time of fueling and the amount delivered to each vehicle. We provide reports of consumption per vehicle so you can track your fleet’s performance – weekly, monthly – whenever you want.

Data is send to the customer

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american fuel services


American Fuel Services Benefits

Reduces labor costs

Our unique service is designed to fit your schedule and drastically shrink employee downtime, resulting in increased productivity and profits for your company.

Safe and secure fueling

Professional technicians follow proper fueling procedures and are trained to maintain a safe and pristine work area.

Accurate reporting

Our technicians use the latest technology, accurately capturing fuel consumption. Instant reporting available, at the frequency most convenient to your business needs.

american fuel services